Minchinhampton Golf Club

Seniors Open

Thursday 22nd August 2019, Yellow Tees, Cherington

Congratulations to Paul Ashman, winner of the Longest Drive and Mike Williams, winner of the Nearest to the Pin Competitions

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Results PointsCSS 69 (Visitors 70)
1st Ron Barker(19)41
2nd Dennis Moore(25) St Pierre Golf Club41
3rd Peter Ritchie(17) Cotswold Hills Golf Club41
4th Phil Luckett(15)40
5th Paul Flitton(18) Ogbourne Downs Golf Club39
6th David Leeson(11)39
7th L W Sadler(15) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club39
8th Tony Hester(15)39
9th Robert Knight(20)38
10th Mike Brown(20) Cirencester Golf Club38
11th John Summers(5) Burford Golf Club38
12th David Jones(20) Cotswold Hills Golf Club38
13th Keith Howe(10) Brocton Hall Golf Club38
14th Mike Scholey(13) St Pierre Golf Club38
15th Peter Balding(20)38
16th John Reid(19) St Pierre Golf Club37
17th Paul Baker(11)37
18th Martin Wyn Griffith(17) Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club37
19th Paul Sherrell(13) Orchardleigh Golf Club37
20th Gordon Stolliday(17) Sand Martins Golf Club37
21st Alan Wood(11) Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club37
22nd Gordon Geddes(21) Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club37
23rd Alan Taylor(12) Cotswold Hills Golf Club37
24th David F Taylor(14) Bath Golf Club37
25th John Loosley(18)37
26th Stephen Eaves(4) Hinckley Golf Club37
27th Steve J Tucker(14) Filton Golf Club37
28th Alan Williamson(10) North Wilts Golf Club37
29th Peter Curtis(12) Goring & Streatley Golf Club36
30th Andy Robbins(18) Long Ashton Golf Club36
31st Francis Landor(15)36
32nd Rod Spears(14) Kings Norton Golf Club36
33rd Mike Parkin(4)36
34th Peter Doyle(16) Fingle Glen Golf Club36
35th W D Lewis(19) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club36
36th Mark Moorfoot(15) Bath Golf Club36
37th R Burley(11) North Wilts Golf Club36
38th Brian Symonds(10) Gaudet Luce Golf Club36
39th Mark James(14)36
40th Kevin Stirrup(13) Chipping Norton Golf Club35
41st John R Peterson(13) Chippenham Golf Club35
42nd Mike Rapkins(8) Matlock Golf Club35
43rd Trevor Norton(11) Worcester Golf & Country Club35
44th Rod Wesson(19) Kendleshire Golf Club (The)35
45th Patrick Wood(23) Cotswold Hills Golf Club35
46th Gwyn Richards(20) St Pierre Golf Club35
47th Steve Cann(17) Oake Manor Golf Club35
48th Mil Petkovic(14)35
49th Ian Mowat(15) Bath Golf Club35
50th Paul Bailey(19) Mendip Spring Golf Club35
51st Barry Thornton(17)35
52nd Douglas Elliott(19) St Pierre Golf Club35
53rd Mike Williams(6)35
54th David Child(14)35
55th Peter Harris(13) St Pierre Golf Club34
56th John Dennehy(13) Woodlake Park Golf Club34
57th John Hathaway(17) Bath Golf Club34
58th P C Williams(21) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club34
59th Jim Edwards(19)34
60th Keith Glassbrook(19)34
61st David Joy(16)34
62nd Tony Townsend(10)34
63rd Keith Bradley(20) Ross-on-Wye Golf Club34
64th Nick Rogers(18) Sandford Springs Golf Club34
65th Nigel Lewins(25) Kingsdown Golf Club34
66th Keith Filbey (B)(18) Lilley Brook Golf Club34
67th Steve Mccabe(8)33
68th John Rutter(22) Tewkesbury Park Hotel Golf and Country Club33
69th Jim Roberts(9) Marlborough Golf Club33
70th John Parsons(14) Newbury & Crookham Golf Club33
71st Robin Phillips(13) Sand Martins Golf Club33
72nd Paul Archer(25)33
73rd Paul Morris(21) Minchinhampton Golf Club - Old Course33
74th Ken G Brown(26)33
75th John Gilbertson(13) Cotswold Hills Golf Club33
76th Mark B Oliver(6) Bath Golf Club33
77th C Pearson(20) Chipping Norton Golf Club33
78th S Smyth(9) Filton Golf Club33
79th Ian Stonham(21) Defence Academy Golf Club33
80th Bernard Youngs(12) Chipping Norton Golf Club33
81st Angus Vockins(8)32
82nd Michael Austin(13) Kendleshire Golf Club (The)32
83rd Martin Pollard(23) St Pierre Golf Club32
84th Graham M Smith(20)32
85th Jon Hayes(19) Cotswold Hills Golf Club32
86th Jake Davies(13) Cotswold Hills Golf Club32
87th I Parfitt(22) Hamptworth Golf & Country Club32
88th Clive Collier(9) Cotswold Hills Golf Club32
89th Trevor Lester(15) Goring & Streatley Golf Club32
90th Richard Kmiec(14) Chippenham Golf Club31
91st R Leighton(19) Royal Winchester Golf Club31
92nd Stuart Michaelis(17) Cirencester Golf Club31
93rd Keith Starling(15) Tewkesbury Park Hotel Golf and Country Club31
94th Peter Peacock(9)31
95th P Monk(16) North Wilts Golf Club31
96th John Morris(12) Cirencester Golf Club31
97th Robert Wright(19) Cotswold Hills Golf Club31
98th Paul Moffat(19)31
99th Glyn Taylor(11)31
100th John Cox(5) Kirtlington Golf Club31
101st Alan Handford(16) Cotswold Hills Golf Club31
102nd K J Goodman(20) West Wilts Golf Club31
103rd David Weeks(8) Thornbury Golf Centre31
104th David Haggar(21) Ross-on-Wye Golf Club31
105th Anthony Fisher(27)31
106th Chris Sadler(10)31
107th Paul Ashman(13) Orchardleigh Golf Club31
108th David Wood(12) Ogbourne Downs Golf Club30
109th Christopher Berens(20) Cirencester Golf Club30
110th Brian Brookes(11) Orchardleigh Golf Club30
111th John Hearne(24) Kenilworth Golf Club30
112th Martin Stanley(12) Burford Golf Club30
113th Steve Wood(13)30
114th James Dunlop(21) Bath Golf Club30
115th Brian Cook(13) Thornbury Golf Centre30
116th Norman Ashby(19)30
117th Geoff Good(21) Long Ashton Golf Club30
118th Peter Mulcock(13)30
119th Graham Feltham(18) Bath Golf Club30
120th Timothy Baker(19) Cotswold Hills Golf Club29
121st Terry Dwight(9)29
122nd Norman Jeffery(13) Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club29
123rd Satnam Bains(23) Broome Manor Golf Club29
124th P Davis(9) North Wilts Golf Club29
125th N C Jarrett(13) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club29
126th Graham Kirby(18)29
127th Nick Chapman(10) Marlborough Golf Club29
128th J Hindson(16) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club29
129th David Warden(14)29
130th Greg Entwisle(18) Marlborough Golf Club28
131st Roger Hunt(13) Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club28
132nd Graham Marshall(11) Peterborough Milton Golf Club28
133rd Evan Drayton(14) Cirencester Golf Club28
134th Gordon Harris(25) Brickhampton Court Golf Club28
135th Charles Lamplugh(21)28
136th Neville Barratt(22) Fingle Glen Golf Club27
137th Richard Parkin(15) Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club27
138th Ray Warburton(25) St Pierre Golf Club27
139th Ian Bewley(14) Cotswold Hills Golf Club27
140th Geoff Laney(12) Marlborough Golf Club27
141st Mike Grace(24) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club27
142nd Alan Campbell(21) Brickhampton Court Golf Club26
143rd chris watts(13) Westonbirt Golf Club26
144th Mike Findlay(21) Ross-on-Wye Golf Club26
145th Ian Hunter(16) Cirencester Golf Club25
146th Brian Marsh (v)(14) Ogbourne Downs Golf Club25
147th M J Hughes(21) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club25
148th Dave Freestone(31) Minchinhampton Golf Club - Old Course25
149th John Proudfoot(17) Newbury & Crookham Golf Club25
150th Grant Hawkins(23) Cardiff Golf Club25
151st Jon Brockbank(16) Newbury & Crookham Golf Club25
152nd John Bateman(19) St Pierre Golf Club24
153rd Tom Arnot(18) Brickhampton Court Golf Club24
154th David Bray(10) Sand Martins Golf Club24
155th Derek Bayliss(16)24
156th Alan Berry(16) Tewkesbury Park Hotel Golf and Country Club24
157th Jonathan Rodericks(27) Broome Manor Golf Club23
158th B. Bush(24) Royal Winchester Golf Club22
159th C Carpenter(21) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club22
160th John Humphrey(20)21
161st Christopher Smyth(21) Cotswold Hills Golf Club21
162nd M J Dunne (v)(18) Ogbourne Downs Golf Club15

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