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World Handicapping System

Welcome to the MGC World Handicapping System (WHS) page. We will be updating this page with information and answers to questions on a regular basis.

All Members with a handicap transitioned into WHS on November 2nd 2020. The new system is designed to ensure the following;

  • Golfers can compete or play with anyone on a fair and equal basis
  • The game has a single measure to represent golf ability worldwide
  • Players will have consistent handicaps within a global golfing community

How does the WHS work?

  • Your handicap figure is known as your Handicap Index
  • Your Handicap Index will is calculated from the best 8 of your last 20 scores
  • If you have not recorded 20 scores then a sliding scale starting from 3 scores will be used to calculate your handicap
  • There will be no time limit for the 20 scores. Your handicap could be based on just 6 months or over many years
  • From November 2nd 2020 your new handicap will be calculated automatically from the scores you have on your handicap record since January 2018
  • For those of you who have not yet got a handicap you can still submit 54 holes of scores to obtain a handicap.
  • There will no longer be a 'Competition' handicap status. Your Handicap Index will be your handicap whether you play one qualifying round a year or fifty

To calculate your Course Handicap you will need to know your exact Handicap Index and then use our conversion tables. These are situated by the putting green

at the New Course and on the front entrance at the Old Course.

You can also view each Course Conversion Table as follows;

For information on how to calculate strokes given/received in matchplay formats please click here

Since the WHS came into effect we have received a number of questions and queries. To help all Members we have collated the most frequently asked questions into a single document.  To view these FAQs please click here

The England Golf website has a lot of information regarding the WHS, the best resource we have found so far is the Player's Reference Guide which can be found here

The Golf Team are available to support you with navigating the system. If you have any questions or queries please contact Tom Sheffield (

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