Minchinhampton Golf Club

Entrant List for Old Course Spring Am-Am 2021

68 players have been signed up for this competition as of 2:14 AM Saturday 6th March

Dave Alexander (Stockwood Vale Golf Club)
Timothy Attwood (Cirencester Golf Club)
Martin Bourne (13.5)
Michele Brown (27.4)
Nick J Brown (Cirencester Golf Club)
Christopher Bruton (Cirencester Golf Club)
Simon Butler (Stockwood Vale Golf Club)
Carol Carr (33.9)
Mark Davis (17.4)
Jack Ford (Cotswold Hills Golf Club)
Paul Fowles (7.2)
Aileen Fraser (32.4)
Simon Freeman (18.2)
Chris Fullerton (Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club)
David Funnell (9.8)
Glenn Gibson (15.9)
Paul Giles (13.5)
Sam Gillingham (24.1)
Simon Green (18.3)
Jonathan Griffiths (Cotswold Hills Golf Club)
Jonathan Griffiths (6.2)
Glyn Harries (15.8)
Julian Harry (17.7)
Ian Haskins (Stockwood Vale Golf Club)
Nigel Hawker (10.5)
Richard Hinder (15.3)
David Holmes (29.1)
Gareth Hopkins (4.8)
Russell Hopkins (10.3)
Alan Kavanagh (Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club)
Steve Lewis (18.5)
Martyn Little (10.4)
David Luff (11.3)
Chris Martin (31.8)
John Nutting (15.4)
Charlie Pike (20.1)
Liam Player (Stockwood Vale Golf Club)
Mike Pobjoy (17.8)
Steve Pope (5.5)
Duane Portlock (13.5)
Bill Reay (7.9)
Sally Reay (10.5)
Jim Ridge (20.1)
Piers Riseley-Prichard (6.6)
Vic Roberts (19.6)
George Ryder (19.1)
Stephen Ryder (17.5)
Michael Sansom (37.9)
Nicholas Sarson (23.2)
Paul Scott (13.7)
Peter Shepherd (Cirencester Golf Club)
Peter Shepherd (Cirencester Golf Club)
Tim Shiner (5.8)
Shaun Smith (11.7)
John Steele (Broome Manor Golf Club)
Ben Stephens (2.5)
Rob Stephens (1.1)
Nick Stratford (0.5)
Scott Thomas (5.0)
Jack Thorne (Cotswold Hills Golf Club)
John Trolan (11.3)
Stuart Tym (13.3)
Thomas Vear (28.9)
Franco Ventriglia (12.9)
Matt Watts (13.5)
Michael Webb (16.3)
David Webster (Cirencester Golf Club)
Gary Windebank (Cirencester Golf Club)

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